With rage or legit mode, and you even got an anti-aim if you play versus another cheater.


Fully customizable TriggerBot by selecting the minimal damage you wanna deal, they bind key, ...


Chams, ESP, Glow Wallhack, Hit markers, ... Everything you need to play legit is here !

Other options

Bunnyhop, auto pistol, fake lag, ... A lot of funny thing there !


You can fully configure your software, and save different configuration to load them later.


Is it detected ?

Our software has never been detected, and nobody was banned using this.

Does it work on my computer ?

If you are using Windows it is. Else, you need to buy another computer. ;)

How much does it cost ?

12$ a month or 25$ 3 months.

I need support where can I contact you ?

We got a Discord link just there : Discord

Where is the download link ?

To keep our users safe from any anti cheat, the download link is unique for everyone and is not exposed on internet. You need to come on the Discord and we will send it to you, with your credentials.